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At Sterling Kia, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers! Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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Get All the Maintenance Work You Need Right at the Dealership

Getting the proper maintenance done on your Kia according to the schedule laid out in your owner's manual is the best way to keep things running smoothly and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Sticking to the recommended scheduled allows College Station and Brenham drivers to extend the overall lifespan of their vehicle.

While most of us don't spend a lot of time thinking about our tires until something goes wrong, regular care will keep them performing at their best. Rotating them according to the pattern set out in your owner's manual will avoid them developing uneven wear patterns that weaken them and leave them vulnerable to a blowout around Huntsville TX or Madisonville. Maintaining the proper pressure is another way to keep you riding smoothly on the road while improving the longevity of your tires.

Synthetic oils have created a quiet revolution, extending the time between oil changes while also providing superior performance. Even though you can go longer between changes, it's important to stick to the schedule determined by Kia. Leaving oil in your engine beyond the time it should be changed reduces your engine's efficiency. If you haven't driven the number of miles required for an oil change, you'll still want to have it refreshed every six months or so, as the oil begins to break down and lose its efficacy over time.

If your battery is beginning to get older, it's a good idea to have its ability to hold a charge tested, especially if you're heading into summer or winter. Both seasons are especially hard on batteries for residents of Magnolia, making additional demands for power to combat low temperatures or because you're running the air conditioner as you start the car.

At Sterling Kia in Bryan TX, we're committed to helping you keep your Kia in prime condition. You can schedule a service appointment right online with our easy to use form. You can also just drop by when it's convenient for you to take advantage of our Express Service packages, which have a 60-minute guarantee and provide vital maintenance for your Kia like battery charge testing, tire rotation, an oil change or multi-point inspections.