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Get a CARFAX® One Owner car: Certified to have a more promising past

Finally there's a great solution to the search for a used car you can count on: The CARFAX® One Owner Car program at Sterling Kia in Bryan, TX. These are pre-owned cars that have been certified by the trusted experts at CARFAX® to be one-owner, and one owner only. These cars are also guaranteed to have had zero accidents in their history. That's why we're proud to offer this special collection of used cars that all have a clean, one-owner history.

Why are CARFAX® One Owner cars better?

There are many good reasons that buyers from College Station or Brenham, TX are better off with a CARFAX® One Owner Car from Sterling Kia. As you know, the kind of care a used car has received makes a huge difference in the quality, reliability and performance of that vehicle. If a vehicle has had regular, factory-recommended maintenance, it's more likely to give you years of reliable performance.

On the other hand, if a vehicle hasn't had regular, comprehensive maintenance, the chances are greater that the car you're looking at might have underlying issues that you should be concerned about. A used car might run just fine and it might look good, but if regular maintenance wasn't done, you might want to steer clear of it.

CARFAX® One Owner certification suggests a better history

If a car is trustworthy and reliable, owners are more likely to hang onto it. When a vehicle has had multiple owners, it may mean the car had issues that kept persisting from one owner to the next. If a car has been passed around several times, each owner may have been simply trying to get rid of the car and its problems. Of course, that's not always the case: Owners can have other, better reasons to sell, but multiple owners can be a red flag.

A car with just one owner has had more stability

Every owner has a different approach to driving a car. Driving styles can vary widely from one person to the next. One driver from Huntsville or Madisonville, TX might travel carefully, starting, stopping and accelerating the car in a "low-stress" manner that's easier on the car. Another driver might push a car hard, starting fast and slamming on the brakes. With multiple owners, a car is more likely to have had a high-stress owner.

Of course, just the fact that a car has had only one owner doesn't guarantee the car was well-maintained. But it's a big step in the right direction. If there's only been one owner, the chances are greater that the maintenance was done. What's more, the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report tells you about the maintenance that was reported to CARFAX®, and that's another valuable indicator that you're looking at a car that's more likely to be reliable. 

Does this mean you should never buy a car with more than one owner?

Not at all. We have sold many well-maintained used cars that had multiple owners and the buyers had excellent, long-term experiences with those vehicles. The quality of a car's maintenance matters even more than the number of owners it's had. But in shopping for a used car, it's always good to look for as many positive clues as possible to assure that this car has a favorable past so it's more likely to give you a more reliable future.

Shop our CARFAX® One Owner Cars and get an inside track to a better used car

Our CARFAX® One Owner cars, trucks and SUVs represent an exceptionally good way to buy. They've had no accidents, they tend to have lower miles and better maintenance so they are well worth anything extra you might pay to buy it. Find one that appeals to you and schedule a test drive at Sterling Kia here in Bryan TX.

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